Huawei nutitelefon Mate 20 kahe SIM kaardiga Twilight

Huawei nutitelefon Mate 20 kahe SIM kaardiga Twilight


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Mate 20Capture the world in one frameThe cult model consisting of a Leica triple camera and a flash lamp inherited from the Mate series a typical design with a centrally located camera, thus creating a characteristic element of the design of HUAWEI Mate 20.Full screen, infinite possibilitiesEnjoy the Dewdrop display with a unique screen to housing ratio that stands out with its exceptional sharpness and great color. Design without visible connections provides a lot of space to explore the world.Capture the lightThe HUAWEI Mate 20 phone in tribute to nature is available in three colors. The body is made of high quality aluminum. It is also covered by a three-dimensional sheet of tempered glass, which acts as a prism. It concentrates and then delicately splits the stream of light. Thanks to this, each color variant of HUAWEI Mate 20 black, blue and twilight achieves an additional and unique gradient.Symphony in your palmThe robust and precise design nicely contrasts with the glass back and makes the phone very comfortable and confident in the palm of your hand.The most powerful and the most intelligentThe industry-leading Kirin 980 processor, manufactured in 7 nm technology, provides power that makes the phone run faster and more efficiently. The advanced and flexible CPU in cooperation with a multi-core GPU significantly accelerated the performance of tasks and improved the operation of the entire device. One of the two NPU chipsets provides a powerful AI artificial intelligence, while the other focuses on specific tasks, offering exceptional performance and dramatically improving the comfort of use.Impressive capacityPower and durability have always been the special characters of the Mate series phones. The battery with an impressive capacity of 4,000 mAh with intelligent energy management allows you to work and have fun every day.Powerful trustHUAWEI SuperCharge charger with TÜV safety certificate in 30 minutes can charge the battery to 58%. Fast, safe and without problems.The new triple Leica cameraThe new, triple Leica camera supported by artificial intelligence lets you capture the life, material structure, colors and beauty in every photo in a breathtaking way.The main 12 MP RGB lens captures even the smallest details, the 8 MP telephoto lens allows you to take great shots from a distance, and the new ultra-wide Leica 16 MP lens delivers fantastic landscapes and macro photography.Expand your horizonsDo not limit your perspective. Thanks to the ultra-wide Leica lens, you capture an extremely wide perspective even with a small amount of space.Get closerCapture details that were previously unattainable. The ultra-wide Leica lens allows you to take pictures just 2.5 cm away. Discover the world from a new perspective.Painting pictures using artificial intelligenceImproved technology of painting photos using artificial intelligence recognizes over 1,500 scenarios and 25 categories, thanks to which it can apply various objects and scenes to one picture. Colors, brightness and contrast are automatically and precisely adjusted, thanks to which the picture is perfectly balanced.Capture the night staffThanks to the advanced image stabilization technology based on HUAWEI artificial intelligence, the HUAWEI Mate 20 night mode allows you to take incredibly clear and sharp images even in low light. In addition, the night mode balances scenes with high contrast, making every picture fantastic.Meet the real lifeDiscover the details of nature thanks to the new EMUI 9.0 interface. Advanced interaction tools and a simplified interface allow for comfortable use of the phone and contact with the world.Wireless projection on TV or monitorsGet rid of the cables. HUAWEI Mate 20 allows you to transfer presentations, games and movies to a larger screen, providing maximum common entertainment. In PC mode, you can still send messages and make phone calls without privacy concerns.
Battery capacity
Cpu - other information
Octacore 2 x Cortex A76 2,6 GHz + 2 x Cortex A76 1,92 GHz + 4 x Cortex A55 1,8 GHz
Cpu frequency
Mate 20
Other display parameters
Other features
Gravity sensor Ambient light sensor Distance sensor Gyroscope Compass Fingerprint sensor Hall sensor Laser sensor Infrared sensor Color temperature sensor
Second rear camera
Third rear camera
8 Detailed camera specifications: Rear camera: 12 MP (color) + 16 MP (Color) + 8 MP (color), aperture f / 1.8 + f2.2 + f2.4, supports autofocus (phase focus, focus, focus, laser focus) Front camera: 24 MP (color), aperture f / 2.0 * The number of pixels that make up a photo may vary depending on the selected mode.
Huawei Mate 20 Twilight
Front camera
Accessories included
Loudspeeker sysetm 3.5mm headphones Charger Cable type C Quick guide Warranty Card
Rear camera
Internal memory
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