GeekBoss Classic Silver


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Chair type: Gaming, Office
Upholstery material: PU-leather
Foam type: High density mold shaping foam
Armrests: 4-directional
Frame construction: Steel
Tilt function: Full tilt
Tilt angle lock: No
Hydraulics gas piston: Class 4
Head cushion: Yes
Lumbar cushion: Yes
Recommended height: 150-190 cm
Maximum load: 130 kg
Recline: 90-180 °
Weight: 23 kg

The development of digital technologies has given people a new hobby – computer games. For some, they have become a pleasant pastime, and for some, even a source of income.
Gamers who spend a lot of time at the computer and are focused on high results know how important comfortable gaming conditions are for them, namely a good gaming chair.

Gaming chairs – choose the best
Gaming chairs from GeekBoss are premium products due to their perfect ergonomics and high-quality materials from which they are made. In addition to the direct purpose, these models are great for work.

Innovative Design
Thanks to a reliable metal frame, the chair is suitable for gamers of any weight and height. The ergonomic parameters of the products are calculated taking into account human physiology, so that the load on the player’s spine is evenly distributed, and he feels very comfortable.

Flawless Design
The stylish and modern design of GeekBoss products can be considered their hallmark. Ideal proportions, thoughtful combination of colors and textures make the chair very presentable. It does not spoil the interior of the house and fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the office.

Adjustable backrest
GeekBoss chairs have a backrest that reclines up to 180°. Any person will find and fix for himself the most comfortable position of the chair. If necessary, it can be completely expanded and take a break from the game or work.

Eco leather upholstery
Upholstery made of modern PU leather is wear-resistant and unpretentious in care. In addition, this material has high breathability, so it does not stick to the body even in hot summers.

Foam filler
Premium foam padding for long life. It repeats the shape of the human body and quickly recovers after a load, so the seat and back of the chair do not sag or flatten.

Additional accessories
The chair comes with two pillows – under the head and under the lower back, providing a high level of comfort for the gamer. You can remove them if you wish.

In the computer furniture market, there are many gaming chairs at a low price, which in appearance almost do not differ from expensive “brothers”. As practice shows, such models fail after six months or a year due to low-quality materials and components used in their production.

GeekBoss gaming chairs are a guarantee of comfort and safety for years!


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