DXRacer CRAFT C001-W-N


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DXRacer’s Craft series is developed to push the boundaries of being extremely versatile,ergonomically advantageous, with a sleek design. Its origins come from one of DXRacer’s very firstproducts ever made back in 2006, the popular Driftingseries. This gaming and office chair is anexquisite craftsmanship with its durable cold foam padding, high-quality faux leather cover and finestitching details. The built-in adjustable lumbar support helps you keep a good posture during longsessions. The included headrest cushion is also adjustable and lets the user rest their head andrelieve pressure from their neck and shoulders. The height adjustable gas lift, multi-functional controlunit and the reclinable backrest lets you almost endlessly customise the chair to your preferredseating position. The 4D armrests are adjustable in four different directions which results in almostcountless customizability options. The large PU-coated casters together with the aluminiumwheelbase make the chair roll smoothly over flat surfaces. The certified class 4 gas lift has amaximum capacity of 150 kg and the recommended height is up to 185 cm.


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