Ducky – One 2 Tuxedo Full-Size

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The keyboard designed for everyone
One 2 Tuxedo
Dual color bezels to match all varieties of keycap colorways

A Keyboard Designed for Everyone
The new bezel design shares a similar sleek frame as it’s predecessor, but the One 2 incorporates dual colors on the bezel to match all varieties of keycap colorways.

Durable. Exceptional. Reliable Performance
PBT double-shot seamless keycaps

Detachable USB Type-C
We use USB HID with the highest frequency of 1000Hz polling rate, meaning the keyboard is sending its input signal(s) to your PC 1000 times per second.

Independent keyboard indicator lights
To alert you when Number lock, Caps lock, Scroll lock & Mouse Functions are on

Optimized Comfortability
3 level angle adjustment keyboard stand

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Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Silver


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