Philips Monitor 21.5 226E9QDSB IPS DVI HDMI

Philips Monitor 21.5 226E9QDSB IPS DVI HDMI


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LED IPS technology provides a wide viewing angle as well as image and color accuracyIPS monitors use advanced technology that provides a very wide viewing angle of 178/178 degrees, allowing you to view the image at almost any angle. Unlike standard TN panels, IPS monitors offer extremely vivid images and vivid colors. As a result, they are ideal not only for displaying photos and videos or browsing the Internet, but also are great for professional applications that require accurate color rendering and constant brightness at all times.   The 16: 9 Full HD screen provides excellent detailImage quality matters. Normal monitors provide a certain level of quality, but you certainly expect more. This monitor offers an improved Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. Full HD resolution provides detail clarity, which combined with a high level of brightness, unbelievable contrast and natural colors, makes the image stunning with realism.    Smooth effortless game thanks to AMD FreeSync technologyPlaying should not require a choice between unstable game play and incomplete frames. With the new Philips monitor, this problem is forgotten. Thanks to AMD FreeSync technology, you can enjoy a smooth image without distortion at virtually any frame rate and extremely fast response times.   A narrow-edged monitor with a uniform appearanceThe new Philips monitors have an extremely narrow frame that does not detract from the image and allows it to be maximized. Especially in the case of combining multiple monitors, also in tile mode, eg for game needs, creating graphic designs and professional applications, displays with a very narrow frame give the impression of using one large display.   Less eye strain thanks to the Flicker-free technologyDue to the way of controlling the brightness in screens with LED backlighting some users notice flickering on their screens, which causes eye strain. Flicker-free technology from Philips uses a new solution to adjust brightness and reduce flicker, thus providing more convenience when watching.   LowBlue mode allows you to work healthier for the eyesStudies have shown that, like ultraviolet rays can damage the eyesight, so short blue rays emitted by LED displays can also have a negative impact on eyes and over time contribute to the deterioration of vision. Developed by Philips specifically for the health and well-being of the user, the LowBlue mode reduces the emission of harmful blue radiation through the use of intelligent software.    The HDMI-ready standard provides an excellent Full HD imageThe device with the HDMI connector is equipped with the equipment needed to receive a high quality signal sent via the HDMI interface. Using a single HDMI cable, you can transfer high-quality digital image and sound from your computer or from any number of audio-video sources (including decoders, DVD players, AV receivers and video cameras).    Eco-friendly materials that meet the most important international standardsPhilips makes every effort to ensure that the brand's monitors are produced from environmentally friendly eco-friendly materials. All plastic housing parts, metal parts of the mounting base and packaging are made of 100% recyclable materials. For some models, we use up to 65% plastic from post-consumer recycling. Strict compliance with RoHS standards ensures significant reduction or even elimination of toxic substances, such as lead. In monitors with CCFL backlight mercury content was significantly reduced and in LED backlit monitors it was completely eliminated. Find out more at the Philips website
Frequency, horizontal min.
Height with stand
226E9QDSB/00 ? ? ? ????? ?
Power consumption
Visible area, vertical
Depth with stand
Dot pitch
Frequency, horizontal max.
Visible area, horizontal
Frequency, vertical min.
Accessories included
Monitor with the base HDMI cable Power cord User documentation
Frequency, vertical max.
Response time
Viewing angle, vertical
2 aastat
Viewing angle, horizontal
Weight with stand

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